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When the outdoor temperature starts rising, it doesn’t mean that you have to toss your comfort and energy efficiency out the window. Monar Air Conditioning offers a full line of air conditioners that, when properly matched to indoor components, can provide ideal indoor weather and energy efficiency even during the most extreme heat.

At Monar Air Conditioning, we understand that you work hard to create a comfortable environment for your family. That’s why we consider all the factors affecting your indoor weather when we install our air conditioners with efficiency ratings ranging from 13.0 to 21.0 SEER. With a full line of air conditioners to choose from, as your indoor weather expert we can help you select the model that will fulfill your specific indoor weather needs.

Monar Air Conditioning’s can install these high S.E.E.R system for improved comfort, increased energy efficiency and extra-quiet operation. Monar Air Conditioning can install two-speed air conditioner, with its ability to control both temperature and humidity, delivers the optimum in cooling comfort. Offering both high- and low-speed operation, this special air conditioner does a masterful job of keeping temperatures consistent.

When the thermostat calls for cooling, the higher speed allows the system to quickly reach your desired indoor temperature. Low-speed operation helps the air conditioner maintain that temperature with quiet and efficient use of electricity. Because this air conditioner operates on longer cooling cycles, it also spends a lot more time pulling humidity out of your home, making your indoor weather even more comfortable.

You can enjoy environmentally sound indoor weather, extra reliability and enhanced economy with Monar Air Conditioning Selection air conditioner using Puron and R410 refrigerant. Due to an internationally binding agreement that will dramatically reduce availability of the refrigerant currently used in most residential cooling systems, Monar Air Conditioning offers a complete line of air conditioners designed to use the refrigerant of the future – Puron and R410.

Puron refrigerant is chlorine-free, allowing it to help cool your home without damaging the Earth’s ozone layer. Extensive testing by the Manufacturer has revealed that Puron refrigerant offers superior energy efficiency and performance. Current models using Puron refrigerant have shown the lowest incidence of service in Monar Air Conditioning’s entire line of reliable indoor weather products.


Residential Air Conditioning Coral Springs | HVAC Technician Coral Springs

Residential Air Conditioning Coral Springs

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Residential Air Conditioning Coral Springs | HVAC Technician Coral Springs

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